How We Give

Assembly Christian Center is proud to be a giving Church. The amazing impact our Church is able to have on the lives of so many is the direct result of the generosity of our members. Within the heart of our Church, we hold a significant connection to the widows and orphans of New Iberia and around the world. With your contributions, we are able to provide support to many missions and people in need.

Assembly Christian Center urges you to invest the “whole” you into your life with Christ, the future of our Church, and the generations to come. Leave a legacy to be proud of and provide inspiration to others by giving of your time, talents, and finances to make an impact that will truly change the world.

What we wants to see, more than anything, is giving from the heart. Giving of your heart has the power to affect so much more beyond just you and I. Wondering how to get this started?

How to get started

Give Your Time

We rely on nothing more than our volunteers. No matter what your interests, there is something for everyone.

Want to help teach the children of our community about Christ? Spend some time with KidZnet or Royal Rangers. How about doing a little extra on Sunday mornings? We always need more faces on the greeting team. Want to make an impact in the lives of our community? Join the prayer team or one of our ministries.

Every minute you spend devoted to ACC improves your community and your own Christian journey.

Give Your Talents

Is there something you enjoy doing? Other than visiting ACC, of course! Whatever it may be, your talents can help us be an even bigger and better force for Christ in south Louisiana. Using your talents to glorify God is one of the most fulfilling accomplishments we can reach.

Can you rock the sound booth or social media? Are you interested in welcoming our members or building stage sets? Put those talents to work to make the Assembly Christian experience so much better.

Give Your Finances

Assembly Christian is known for its benevolence in ministry and missions. We are proud to offer great opportunities to grow in your godly relationship in all aspects of your life. Want to know how you can invest back into the Assembly Christian community and help to make a difference? We appreciate every contribution you are able to make, and we are proud to simplify this process to make online giving available through the link below.