The MacDowell's

Jered – Better known as Pastor J by his kids@STDNT MVMNT! He loves Jesus to the extreme and is passionate about bringing as many young students with him to Heaven. Jered is all in when it comes to worship. He leads our congregation into God’s presence from week to week. He has a BIG heart full of love, so it must be why God gave him a BIG 6’5” body! Don’t let his size fool you…. He’s a momma’s boy and loves spending time with his family. One thing is obvious and if you hang out with him just a little while, you’ll find out… he’s crazy-in-love with his wife, Christina!

Christina stands with Jered loving and reaching the students in our church and community. Her heart’s desire is to have an active part in God’s rescue plan for their lives. Leading our youth is just one part of what she does. She is the creative mind behind our stage designs. From one message series to the next, you will see her imagination come alive on our platform. It’s amazing!

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Student Pastors: Jered and Christina MacDowell