The Shiveley's

Mark and Tina have huge hearts of compassion. They are perfectly fit for each other and for our church. Having spent 16 years as missionaries in Mexico, together they serve as our Spanish Church pastors, reaching out to the Spanish community in our area. Spend a little time with them and you’ll see their heart for missions and how they genuinely love the unloved.

Mark can cook a pot of gumbo that makes you keep coming back for more! As an experienced gardener, things just grow at his house. He loves his coffee strong which is a true picture of his relationship with the Lord. If you stick around him just a little while, you will see that he is a Kingdom seeker, serving wherever the Lord leads him.  Tina is one-of-a-kind! She is always about the Father’s business. This lady has won the victory over cancer, not once, but twice. She lives to tell others about God’s unconditional love for them. As a magnet to the hurting, she brings comfort, hope and peace to those she encounters. She’ll take something of little value, and make it a thing of beauty. With this unique gift, God uses Tina to bring beauty to a lost and dying world.

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