The Neel's

Pastor Paul is originally from Houston, Texas and Lynn from St. Paul, Minnesota. They met in a traveling singing group. It was love at first sight and before long they were married. They have served as Lead Pastors of Assembly Christian Center since 1989. Before that, they were Associate and Worship Pastors.

Pastor Paul loves all things spicy, a good cup of coffee, a big bowl of Bluebell and books! Another thing… he can’t help himself when it comes to speed (making things move fast)! Most of all, his passion is to know Jesus and make Him known. You’ll find Him doing that not just on Sunday, but every day of the week.

Lynn loves chocolate of any kind, and never sips on coffee. She makes the best Chocolate on Chocolate cake and enjoys reading and shopping. The thing that makes her laugh the most is her grandchildren. One thing is evident – she has a unique gift for making everyone feel that they are of great value.