Spritual Growth

Big Trouble

When You’re in Big Trouble

Speaker: | August 27, 2017

WHEN YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE Today’s message is about trouble! It was really Woody’s fault that Buzz fell out of the window. Ever been in trouble and you couldn’t hide the fact that it was...

Saul's Seance

Saul’s Séance

Speaker: | August 13, 2017

Saul’s Séance So, what’s this séance thing all about? King Saul asking to bring back the prophet Samuel? This puzzles many people. Today, we’ll take a  closer look at this account in the book of...

Waiting on God


Speaker: | July 23, 2017

WAITING ON GOD David was anointed king at age 16 but was not crowned king until age 30. Waiting does not mean just sitting down and doing nothing. It means watching and looking for God...

You and Your Influence

You and Your Influence

Speaker: | July 16, 2017

YOU AND YOUR INFLUENCE We have been influenced by many people in our lives – parents, teachers, friends, and family. Just as we have been influenced by others, inevitably what we do and say will...

WHY? Understanding God

WHY? Understanding God

Speaker: | July 02, 2017

WHY? Understanding God Broken hearts asking the question “Why?” is as old as the human race. During times when you and I can’t see God’s hand of purpose, we must trust His heart of love....

What;s Your Why

What’s Your Why?

Speaker: | June 11, 2017

WHAT’S YOUR WHY? Most of us know what we are doing. But we need to know the “why” behind it. Pastor J is bringing the Word this morning, taking us through Joshua, Chapter 6 as...

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