Spritual Growth

Nate Yeske

The Setup – Nate Yeske

Speaker: | October 08, 2017

SPECIAL GUEST, NATE YESKE This youth pastor has an unreal passion for reaching people and helping guide them on their life journey. Nate speaks in such a trustworthy and unique way. His ministry is all...



Speaker: | October 01, 2017

TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH Through the pages of the Bible, we find stories of tragedy. Truth is, we will all suffer personal tragedy at some point in our life.  It may be your reality now, but...



Speaker: | September 24, 2017

RECOGNIZABLE  It’s easy to recognize popular logos that we see on a daily basis. But can you recognize when the Holy Ghost is leading you? Pastor Jered will be bringing the Word today.

Remember Well - Ethan Vanse

Remember Well – Ethan Vanse

Speaker: | September 10, 2017

Special Guest, Ethan Vanse has served at Church on the Move for over 25 years, currently serving as Adult Ministry Director and oversees pastoral teams and developing ministries. He’s passionate about helping everyone feel like...

Big Trouble

When You’re in Big Trouble

Speaker: | August 27, 2017

WHEN YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE Today’s message is about trouble! It was really Woody’s fault that Buzz fell out of the window. Ever been in trouble and you couldn’t hide the fact that it was...

Saul's Seance

Saul’s Séance

Speaker: | August 13, 2017

Saul’s Séance So, what’s this séance thing all about? King Saul asking to bring back the prophet Samuel? This puzzles many people. Today, we’ll take a  closer look at this account in the book of...

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