Sermons by Special Guest

Corey Breaux - Missionary to Sweden

Corey Breaux – Missionary to Sweden

Speaker: | November 19, 2017

COREY & KAYLEE BREAUX – MISSIONARIES TO SWEDEN—TODAY Corey is from our hometown of New Iberia.  He and Kaylee, his wife, are committed to fulfilling the call God placed on their hearts for the secular people...



Speaker: | October 22, 2017

JOE MCGEE Joe presents the most entertaining, practical teaching on the family. His laugh-and-learn approach gives listeners hope for a stronger family and a deeper commitment to obey the Word of God in their lives.


4 Things God Doesn’t Know

Speaker: | October 15, 2017

4 THINGS GOD DOESN’T KNOW/WHY THE NATIONS RAGE? Mike Fuselier is the author of 3 books, 4 Things God Doesn’t Know, Why Do the Nations Rage?, and The Ultimate Gift. All of his books are great...

Nate Yeske

The Setup – Nate Yeske

Speaker: | October 08, 2017

SPECIAL GUEST, NATE YESKE This youth pastor has an unreal passion for reaching people and helping guide them on their life journey. Nate speaks in such a trustworthy and unique way. His ministry is all...

Remember Well - Ethan Vanse

Remember Well – Ethan Vanse

Speaker: | September 10, 2017

Special Guest, Ethan Vanse has served at Church on the Move for over 25 years, currently serving as Adult Ministry Director and oversees pastoral teams and developing ministries. He’s passionate about helping everyone feel like...

Cord of 3 strands

A Cord of 3 Strands

Speaker: | August 20, 2017

A CORD OF 3 STRANDS: SCHOOL, CHURCH, HOME As King Solomon once said, “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” Students and teachers are back in their classrooms. Parents are busy getting their...

Hello from the Other Side

Hello from the Other Side

Speaker: | April 30, 2017

Hello from the Other Side Pastor John will be speaking in our morning service.  Drug abuse, robbery, and attempted murder is part of his testimony! But he now walks in the power of the Holy Spirit,...

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